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Black German Shepherd Breed Information | Black Beauty in USA

Black German shepherds are amazing pets. You should know the breed’s unique traits and learn about its history. Once you’ve gotten to know this breed, you’ll love having this new family member. If you are looking for a Black GSD puppy, it’s best to find a well-respected breeder who cares about its puppies’ health. A responsible breeder will take the time to meet you and ask questions to ensure you’re the right fit for the breed. They should also be happy to let you see where the puppy was raised and meet the parents. You should also be able to inspect the litter or the parents of the puppy before purchasing it to avoid a puppy from an unscrupulous breeder.


Black German Shepherd Sitting German Shepherds of all colors have a lot of physical traits with one another. They develop around the same size as a purebred German Shepherd and have a similar physique.

Females typically weigh 50 to 75 pounds, but males typically weigh 65 to 90 pounds. Before adopting one of these dogs, ensure you have the space because they are categorized as a medium- to large-sized breed. Many people don’t realize how big these dogs are until after they adopt them, at which point they start to regret their choice.
Both males and females stand between 22 and 26 inches tall. Although there is not much variation in their heights, the males are relatively bulky.
Black German shepherds have pure black color. The American Kennel Club (AKC) accepts this coat color. Furthermore, it is not the outcome of crossbreeding, contrary to what some false material may claim. Instead, it is a rare color that a small number of German Shepherds get. It only recently manifested and is occasionally promoted through selective breeding.
Although it was long believed that the gene for a completely black coat was recessive, many now believe it is dominant. It doesn’t become “covered” by other genes and isn’t widespread in dogs.
These dogs’ eyes are always a dark color. Extremely uncommon, blue eyes typically indicate that a dog has ancestors from other breeds, such as Huskies. The only physical difference between black German Shepherds and their black and tan counterparts is their coat color. As with all German Shepherds, the ears are usually upright, though adults may have floppy ears.

Black German Shepherd History

The German Shepherd is one of several breeds that developed around 1859 from the herding dogs of Europe. In the 1850s, efforts were made to standardize canine breeds and promote sheep-herding traits such as speed, strength, endurance, and intelligence. Nonetheless, there were variances between locations. The herders differed slightly because of moderate breeding differences.

During the industrial revolution, the demand for sheepdogs decreased with the number of predators. Fewer people raise sheep nowadays, and those who do it with a smaller number of dogs.

 Thankfully, at this time, people were well aware of the intelligence and prowess of canines as herding dogs. Many people believed German shepherds to be the “perfect working dog” due to their strength and intelligence.

The first German Shepherd appeared in 1899 when Von Stephanitz purchased a dog named Horand von Grafrath. Honrand served as the primary mascot for the German Shepherd Dog Society, which was later founded. The breed standard originated with this dog. In only a few generations, the German Shepherd has become one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Honrand had a large litter of pups. Today, nearly all German Shepherds are his descendants. The current German Shepherd breed was developed through substantial inbreeding. Example: Honrad bred many of his puppies together.

The Black German Shepherd has existed in some way since the breed’s birth. However, many canines do not possess the pure black gene. In the past, the disease likely resulted in the termination of the pregnancies of numerous completely black GSDs. Currently, the gene is having a recurrence.

Black long haired German Shepherd

The Black long-haired German Shepherd is not as common as the short haired breed. It needs regular grooming and brushing to keep the long coat healthy. It will shed more than the short haired breed, so a good vacuum is essential to keep the floors clean. The dog also needs a lot of exercises and should get regular baths. The long coat on the German Shepherd is unique in that it has no undercoat, giving it a glossy sheen. The average German Shepherd has a thick or medium undercoat, so the long coat is unique.
Long Hair Black German Shepherd
Long Hair Black German Shepherd
Long Haired Black German Shepherd in Grass
Long Haired Black German Shepherd in Grass

Personality and Temperament

The Black German Shepherd’s personality and temperament blend independence and affection. It has a high level of energy and loves to play. This dog can be great with children and other pets with proper training and socialization. Their double coat is heavy and luxurious, and they will enjoy spending time with you and your family. They need a lot of exercises to stay in shape. They love going on daily walks, playing fetch, and hiking. They also enjoy playing dog games. Whether playing tug-of-war, fetching a ball, or chasing other dogs, these dogs enjoy getting exercise. Before buying a German Shepherd, you should understand his personality and temperament. This breed is often aloof and suspicious of strangers but is highly intelligent, making them excellent guard dogs. In addition to being loyal and intelligent, these dogs can be trained to do many different things.
Black German Shepherd Dog Couple
Black German Shepherd Dog Couple

Health problems

The Black GSD breed is an intelligent, athletic, devoted, and obedient dog. They are also very loyal and affectionate, which makes them excellent service dogs. In fact, they are among the most commonly employed dogs in military, police, and public service work. However, they can be susceptible to several health problems. Some health problems of the breed include degenerative myelopathy, a genetic disease of the spinal cord that affects older dogs. This condition is difficult to detect in dogs and is only confirmed postmortem through a histological examination of the spinal cord tissue. Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, a life-threatening disease affecting the digestive system, is another serious problem.


Known for its sweet disposition, the Black German Shepherd is an excellent pet for families. They are susceptible to various health problems, including hip and elbow dysplasia. You should visit your veterinarian regularly for regular physical examinations if you have a Black German Shepherd. It’s also essential to keep up with its vaccination schedule.

Like any other breed, the Black German Shepherd needs daily exercise. These large, energetic dogs need at least an hour of exercise daily. They enjoy playing outdoors and playing games.

They also enjoy daytime walks in the park. A Black German Shepherd’s life span is typically nine to 13 years. They are prone to specific health issues, including degeneration and allergies.


Black German Shepherds shed their undercoats twice a year, so keeping them clean is essential. The best way to keep your German Shepherd looking fresh and clean is to brush its coat regularly, which can be quite rewarding for your dog. You can use a wire Slicker Brush, which can be found at most pet stores. You should also use a brush that goes with the coat’s grain.

German shepherds must also have their nails clipped and teeth cleaned. If you’re not a professional groomer, it’s best to have a groomer do it for you or invest in a quality dog nail trimmer. Just make sure to buy one with overcutting protection. The quick inside your dog’s nails is delicate, so ensuring it’s protected is critical. Rinsing is crucial in grooming, as soap on the dog’s coat can lead to itching and chewing.


A Black German Shepherd needs a rich diet to maintain its shiny coat. It also needs plenty of water. Because it’s such a large dog, the proper diet is essential for a black German shepherd. Follow the recommendations on the back of dog food packaging for your specific breed. 


Black German Shepherd Eating Food
Black German Shepherd Eating Food

In addition to a portion of high-quality food, you should provide a large amount of exercise for your dog daily.

A German shepherd’s diet should be high in fiber. High-fiber foods can help your dog keep its weight under control. Certain grains, such as corn and soy, can aggravate bloat, so avoiding them is essential. Some of the most common causes are too much food or rapid ingestion. A dog may also ingest something poisonous, resulting in bloat.


One of the most important aspects of owning a German shepherd is its socialization. A dog that is properly socialized can cope with different environments. It will be more confident in different situations and enjoy socialization more. Socialization is crucial for the well-being of your dog, as it helps it build a strong social bond. German Shepherds are known to be protective of their owners and home, meaning they must be adequately socialized to cope with different situations.

A black German shepherd is a loyal and confident breed that will protect its owner. They are not afraid to face dangerous situations and are rarely cowed down. It means that they make great family pets and companions. However, it would help if you started socializing with your dog from a young age so they can internalize their experiences and learn to accept new people. You can start by introducing your black German Shepherd to friends and family and taking your dog for walks around the neighborhood.

black german shepherd socialization

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