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Blonde German Shepherd A Golden Gem Details

German Shepherd Dog breed has many iconic coat colors, but Blonde or Golden is a rare coat color in this breed. The Blonde German Shepherd Dog is a German Shepherd Dog breed that is both adorable and protective. They are very social, and they are excellent guard dogs. They are also playful and can be very obedient. They are a rare breed, but you can still find a purebred German shepherd. Read on to learn more about this breed.

How Rare is the Blonde German Shepherd?

The blonde coat color in German shepherd is a very beautiful color. They have a distinctive and very rare color. Their color is similar to that of a Golden retriever or a yellow Labrador. Because this color is so rare, obtaining a dog with it can be quite a challenge.

A new study in the Journal of Heredity offers a possible clue as to why this particular color is so rare. Apparently, the MC1R gene has a variant that produces solid golden yellow in German Shepherds. However, because blonde German Shepherds are so rare, it is difficult to find them.

The color is also not a desirable show dog color, so professional breeders are not motivated to produce them. In addition, they fear that blonde GSDs might raise doubts about the pedigree of their purebred puppies.

Blonde GSD Sitting

Is Blonde German Shepherd a Pure Breed

Since a Blonde German Shepherd puppy is an outcome of two German shepherd parents and shares all common characteristics of German Shepherd Breed so a Blonde German Shepherd is doubtlessly a Pure breed.

Blonde German Shepherds are a special variation of the German Shepherd breed. They are different from their white counterparts due to a genetic mutation. While a white German shepherd is purely white, a blonde German shepherd has a darker cream color. The differences in color are subtle but distinct, and people can tell the difference. In addition, both white and blonde German Shepherds are pure breeds.

German Shepherd coat colors can vary from black to tan, but the most common colors are black and tan. Occasionally, a German shepherd will be born with a lighter coat, but most will darken with age.

Blonde GSD Closeup

Dose AKC Recognize Blonde German Shepherd Color

Blonde German Shepherds have the same features as other German Shepherds, except for the color. Their coat is often a mix of cream and golden shades, with patches of darker hues on the body. The blonde German Shepherds may also have darker eyes. The American Kennel Club recognizes this color.

While blonde German Shepherds are not allowed to compete in purebred dog shows, they can participate in agility and physical competitions. They have all of the same physical attributes as other German Shepherds, but they may not be as show-worthy. They won’t be allowed to participate in conformation events.

How Much is a Blonde German Shepherd?

Blondes may be more expensive than desirable coat colors due to scarcity, despite the fact that undesirable coat colors are frequently less expensive. A reputable breeder will cost $1,000-$2,000 for a blonde German Shepherd pooch, but you might get lucky and pay $500-1,000.

If you’re thinking about buying a blond German Shepherd puppy, you’ll need to consider several factors. One of the most important factors is the breeder. You should choose a breeder that follows breed standards and is knowledgeable about the German shepherd breed. The breeder should also be able to answer questions about the dog’s background, including any papers it may have had under previous owners. They should also be able to offer you tips on feeding your puppy. They should know what kind of diet is best for the breed and what type of food to give it.

Blonde German Shepherds typically live from nine to 13 years, although females can live up to fifteen years. It’s important to find a breeder who practices ethical breeding practices to ensure the health and happiness of your dog. Avoid buying from puppy mills or puppy stores. Look for breeders who allow buyers to visit their kennels. They should also have a health certificate for their dogs. Responsible breeders will also microchip their puppies before releasing them to new owners.

Final Thoughts

Having a Blonde German Shepherd Dog is an awesome experience doubtlessly, because they are a beautiful obedient and rare breed. If you are willing to welcome him as a new member, make sure to get it from a reputed and reliable breeder. Proper hygienic diet and plenty of exercise will turn your Blonde SGD to a delightful companion in life. Although it is a rare dog but, their rarity doesn’t affect their health. They bear same temperament as Normal German Shepherds. Blonde German Shepherd has same loyalty, intelligence, high trainability and temperament.

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